New York City prison guard seriously injured in assault by 6 inmates, authorities state

With what authorities said ended up being a premeditated beatdown, a gang of six Rikers Island prison inmates attacked a York City modification officer Saturday. The unidentified 39-year-old officer was hospitalized in serious condition, Michael Skelly, a spokesman …
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In a fresh York city of literary popularity, controversy over a unique form of monument

About an hour’s drive north of Manhattan, after dark point in which the Hudson River widens out, sits a peaceful nook of a city, just two square kilometers. Roads slope up from the waterfront, passing stone churches additionally the tired Hollow Cemetery, where in fact the …
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Delicious Cupcakes In New York City

Delicious Cupcakes In New York City
It seems to not really matter if the subject at hand is cupcakes in New York City or desserts in Paris around the world, some of the most popular and delectable foods on the planet are sweets! And topping many lists of the best selling desserts across the board are cupcakes filled ones, stuffed ones, fat free ones, sugar free ones, miniature ones, and giant ones. Do you know anyone who hates these little tiny desserts? More than likely, no. The fact that dozens can be made to feed a crowd quickly and easily is just one of the reasons why so many bakers choose to focus so much of their product line on cupcakes in New York City. The other reason is simple bakers perfect their cupcakes because their customers are in love with them!

You can make the little cakes follow a theme of a party, they can be decorated in thousands of ways, and they are incredibly versatile. Instead of offering one flavor of a traditional birthday cake, for example, you an easily choose to offer chocolate cupcakes, yellow cake cupcakes, some with frosting, some without, some with sprinkles, and some without and of course the list of variations continues. This makes it really easy to satisfy people with all kinds of preferences when it comes to their desserts. It is also good at childrens parties if some poor child is allergic to chocolate and all you have is a chocolate cake, that child is either going to fall very ill or feel hurt and left out! With cupcakes in New York City you wont have to worry about anything like this. In addition, you wont have to spend a half an hour slicing pieces of cake and messing with the mess.

The little cakes are fantastic to use at casual gatherings like birthday parties, office celebrations, and for no reason at all, and they also make a gorgeous and profound statement at more formal occasions too. At weddings, cupcakes in New York City are being used more and more often, mainly for two reasons: using them as the dessert is much more simple and also much cheaper than having a huge, lavish fancy cake!

Regardless of what your needs are or what the occasion is, you are certainly going to be able to use cupcakes in New York City to appease the taste buds of any and all of your guests who are attending the event, no matter what their taste preferences are, so whip some up and enjoy!

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New York City Apartments – Rental Requirements

New York City Apartments – Rental Requirements

Renting a New York City Apartments in the Manhattan rental market is the best place. You have to learn more about the NYC Apartments rental market and also about the rental building requirements. All apartments consider rental requirements. Below are given some of the common requirements for rentals.

Common requirements to rent in New York City Apartments are as follows:
1. You need to pay some application fee if you want to rent a NYC Apartments around $ 50 to $ 125 depending on the areas you are looking for. The application fee in non-refundable and if there are any guarantors then you need to pay the same fee.

2. Your income should be around $ 80,000 per year, the rent of the New York City apartments rental requires around 40 to 50 times of the income requirements for example suppose you are paying an apartment rent around $ 2000 is multiplied by 40 or 50 times it is like $ 2000 x 50 =$ 80,000 that means the applicant has to earn $ 80,000 to rent an apartment. If there is insurer, then the requirements are even increased more around 75 to 100 times the total rent on the apartment. That means they need to earn more around $ 150,000 for example the rent of an apartment is $ 2000 x 75 = $ 150,000, if the applicant or insurer earn less than that again they need to pay additional security.

3. Manhattan rental house owners mostly as for the pay stubs or/and letter from the company which indicates what are post of the applicant’s and guarantor’s in that company, salary and length of employment for verification. If you are self-employed, you need to provide a letter from CPA indicating your income for the previous year as well as income for the current year.

4. Some Manhattan rental owners asks for a last few bank statements to verify that you have sufficient assets, some of them even asks you to have certain amount in your bank account

5. Some New York City Apartments rental owner ask for your last year’s tax return to verify your income.
6. Some owner in New York City even asks for the last few canceled checks to verify that you paid your rent on time.

7. All owners ask for identification which can be a driver’s license or a passport, etc.

Once everything is submitted and everything is approved than you can sign the lease by paying the security deposit that is usually one month’s rent and first month’s rent both are paid and both are paid with certified funds. After that you are ready to rent the apartment.


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Men had enough fentanyl to kill entire population of New York City, New Jersey combined, police say

Two men arrested in the largest fentanyl bust in New Jersey history were sentenced to prison Friday, after authorities said they had enough lethal doses to kill the entire population of New Jersey and New York City combined. Jesus Carrillo-Pineda, a 31 …
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Leasing New York City Apartments

Leasing New York City Apartments

Leasing New York City Apartments is a good idea because by renting you still can have the job which you are doing and also enjoy all the facilities within your budget.  You can also look for the other houses in this area within your budget and can make future plans to buy it. However, if you are looking an apartment in other areas like Harlem, Park Slope or West and Central Village than you have to enquire more and get some more information before you want to purchase any home.

The first thing you need to consider is can you afford a New York City Apartment for rent within your budget limit. It is always a good idea to make sure that you can afford the apartment with in your budget than start looking for apartments in the areas like Lower East Side or Chelsea, Long Island City and Astoria etc. However, Mostly people get tired of looking for good apartment in NYC because of the limited budget. But the fact is in New York City you can find any kind of apartment’s high prices to low prices so you can find the apartment in your budget limits.

New York City real estate information is available to everyone but all people cannot follow and keep track of everything about the sale prices and property sales etc, so the real estate agents are there to help you to get all kind of information you are looking for. These agents can give you correct information and can find perfectly good properties within your budget limits in the areas like Lower Manhattan, Gramercy Park, Murray Hills, Battery Park City and East village, anywhere you wish to have your own house with in your budget limit. The real estate agent also helps you to get a better deal possible.



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New York City Attractions That You Must See

New York City Attractions That You Must See
Planning a trip to different places and discovering something totally new is always a lot of fun and New York City is among the most interesting spots you could visit. New York is often described as the “city that never sleeps” and there are all types of New York City attractions to visit when you’re there. So while you are checking out one of the best cities in the United States you should definitely have a look at some very unique destinations.

It may take some research to locate the best destinations and build a schedule that can include them all, but when you get to New York you will be glad you did. There’s much to do in this town, and a little organization will let you take full advantage of your time.

The Empire State Building is among the New York City attractions you won’t want to overlook. This location is open right up until 2am and the last elevators going up at around 1:15am. This gives people plenty of time to go there and see it all.

The view of the area at the top of the building at night is incredible. The Empire State Building stands apart as an architectural achievement for several reasons. It is 1453 feet and 8 9/16 inches from the bottom to the top part of the lightening rod, and there are 1860 stairs from street level to the 102 level. Also, on a crystal clear day you will see for nearly 80 miles from the top of this building, and the lights up there switch color for holiday seasons and special occasions.

One of the most popular New York City attractions that everybody knows is the Statue of Liberty. The Statue was a gift to New York from France and it required 4 months to assemble the 350 pieces when she arrived back in 1886.

Visitors can once again go to the crown for an additional fee walk up the 354 steps to arrive at it. Liberty Island, the place that the statue is located, is free, but you must purchase a ticket for the ferry to get to the island. You can find plenty of room to run and explore on the island along with cost-free ranger led tours. You can also purchase meals there or take a picnic lunch along. When you are searching for something for you to do in New York, this is always a good choice.

New York City attractions intended for the art or history lover consist of a number of different galleries and museums: the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum and the American Museum of Natural History are three of the most popular ones. A person can easily spend days checking them out. And, needless to say, what visit to New York would be full without visiting Rockefeller Center. In addition to lots of shopping opportunities on the plaza, the Top of the Rock has a few of the greatest views in the area.

And regardless if you are in the area for a few days or a month, there are numerous attractions to keep you busy and to help make a trip a memorable one. Regardless of what time of the day or evening, you’re certain to find something to do when you visit New York City.

When you are in New York be sure to visit the top New York City attractions. You’ll never have a dull moment especially when you are exploring this vibrant city. While you are visiting be sure you get Empire State Building tickets so you can get a birds eye view of the city.