Ny Bronx Zoo

Ny Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo could be the biggest network of zoos on the planet. It is situated at Fordham Road and the Bronx River Parkway. The zoo features over 4,000 animals for convention. In the early days of zoo it has really small cages and poor living circumstances for creatures, but following the institution of Wildlife Conservation community and their efforts the zoo today is an improved living location for creatures.

Baboon Reserve

This spot is book for various types of baboons like ibexes and gelada baboon. Another attractive function of baboon Reserve is waterfowls.

Big Bears

That is a spot in Bronx Zoo reserved for brown bears and polar bears. The spot is surrounded by tall ridge of normal rock. During summer time, could enjoy seeing brown bears plus in winter polar bears are far more active and amuse the site visitors.

Wild birds of Prey

Prey Birds are placed for exhibition here. The more typical prey birds right here feature vulture, owl and eagles.

Congo Gorilla Forest

This woodland is indeed designed that it resembles the African rainfall woodland. It addresses an area of 6.5 miles. This forest contains practically 55 types of wildlife creatures, such Colobus monkey, gorillas, okapi and mandrills.

Himalayan Highlands

It features Himalayan landscape. Himalayan Highlands function the endangered pets that inhabit Himalayan Mountains like cranes, Temmink’s tragopan, red pandas and snowfall leopards. The Highlands features various other all-natural characteristics like cave ledges, ravines and bridges.

Aitken Aviary

The birds from South United states coastline are kept in Aitken Aviary. The popular birds right here consist of: guanay cormorants, magellanic penguins and gulls.

Tiger Mountains

These mountains are spread over 3 miles. The endangered Siberian tigers are held right here.


Aquatic Bird Home

Whilst the name advise aquatic wild birds are kept right here, particularly puffins, kookaburras and so on.

Carter Giraffe Building

This spot is set aside for giraffes. Young ones especially want to watch them for action.


This is certainly made as an Asian rain forest and spread over an area of 37,000 square feet. JungleWorld has above 99 species of trees along side some wildlife animals like monkeys, leopards, gibbons an such like.

Monkey House

Monkey household contains all sort types of primates being found in jungles.

Mouse Home

Mouse House is someplace in which all type of predator animals tend to be held like skunks, snakes an such like.

World of Birds

All kind of birds from various the main globes are found right here.

Realm of Darkness

This destination features lots of caverns and ravines since the pets held listed here are those which come out through the night, such as bats, owls etc.

World of Reptiles

This destination features significantly more than 200 dangerous reptiles. Some typically common reptiles you’ll find right here consist of toads, crocodiles an such like.

Bronx Zoo NYC

The zoo continues to be available over summer and winter except New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. From Monday to Friday, the orifice hours for the zoo are 10a.m. to 5p.m. on weekends and breaks, the timings are 10a.m. to 5.30.pm. you will get the family membership of this zoo just for $ 124.

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