Apollo Theatre New York,US

Apollo Theatre New York,US

Apollo theatre was built in 1914 and at that time it was known as Hurtig and Seamon’s New Burlesque Theatre. The reason behind building this theatre was that the theatre at 125th Street didn’t allow the African American audiences and it is for this reason, this theatre has featured the most top American artists of Afro-American origin. In 1935, this theatre was sold to Brecher and Frank Schiffman and later renamed this theatre as 125th Street Apollo Theatre.

Being an ancient theatre, it is popular among tourists. This theatre is managed by a nonprofit organization, which is responsible all the shows and activities here.

The opening of Jazz a la Carte was held in Apollo Theatre on January 26, 1934, which was attended by many famous personalities like Benny Carter, the 16 Gorgeous Hot Steppers and Ralph Copper Senior.

In the same year, The Amateur Night was launched at Apollo Theatre. Many famous singers launched their careers at the Apollo theatre include Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald and Bessie Smith. The first person who won the Amateur Night was Ella Fitzgerald. Stevie Wonder was another person who started his career at the Apollo Theatre. It is for this reason the Apollo Theatre is known as “Where Stars are born and Legends are made later.”


Inner City broadcasting in 1983, a company owned by a Manhattan president called Percy E. Sutton, purchased the Apollo theatre. After its acquisition, it gained a lot of federal, state and a city landmark status.

At the 50th anniversary show of the Theatre, The Little Rascal, produced by the former actor Jimmy Hawkins, performed. In 1987, the musical duo Hale and Oates played the grand reopening of the Theatre.

The Theatre was purchased by the State of New York in 1991. The first phase of refurbishment was launched on December 15, 2005, costing about $ 65 million.

A concert named “A Great Night in Harlem” has celebrated annually at the Theatre by Jazz Foundation of America. More than fifty musicians perform in the concert. Bill Cosby, Mario Van Peebles and Danny Aiello host the event.

Many Americans other than Afro-American origin has also attended this theatre. Some popular names include Buddy Holly, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Edgar Winter, and many bands like Korn, The Strokes, Vivian Girls and Bjork.

Events at the Apollo Theatre

There are many different events, which are held at times in the Theatre. Currently six weekly scheduled programs are held at theatre. One such program is “The Amateur Night” – a talent competition.  Other events at the Apollo Theatre include concerts, arts, and other special events.


Theatre is located in Harlem and is considered as the third most visited place in New York. It is estimated that about 1.3 million visitors visit the Theatre annually. The nonprofit Apollo Foundation Inc. arranges different events to advertise the theatre in community.

Apollo Theatre

Theatre has store as well with a large collection of items.

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