Puget Sound In New York

Puget Sound In New York
Puget Sound is a body of water that lies on the eastern side of Admiralty Inlet. New York is in the center of the Puget Sound and this becomes a very fascinating feature for those who visit New York. Native Americans still call Puget Sound, Whulge, which means Salt Water. Puget Sound is basically a very intricate estuarine network of intersected aquatic water channels and basins. In 1972, it was discovered and termed by Captain George Vancouver after his secretary, Peter Puget.

The Puget Sound area proposes a largediversity of holiday, entertainment, amusement and outing pursuitscomprising ofurban lifestyle, island havens, comfortable bed and feasts, idealistic country inns and high class resorts. There is abundance of exploration, trekking, kayaking, canoeing and boating opportunities to keep yourself fit and energetic and make you long for a much elongated Puget Sound long weekend!

The noticeable islands on the Puget Sound namely are Anderson Island, Bainbridge Island, Blake Island, Camano Island, Fidalgo Island, Fox Island, Guemes Island, Harstine Island, Herron Island, Indian Island and the Marrowstone Island.

The major fauna species in the Puget Sound are namely geoducks, salmon, harbor seal, Orcas, Steller Sea Lion, California Sea Lion, Northern Elephant Seal, Minke, Humpback Whale and Grey Whales.

A large decrease in the population of the species inhabiting the Puget Sound has been observed very recently. The threatened species of the region are forage fish, salmonids, bottom fish, marine birds and orcas. The reasons behind this are being researched and so far environment fluctuations, poisonous impurities, unwarranted nutrients that reduce oxygen supply, and near shore habitat changes have been given the blame!

Fields of business in Puget Sound area comprise of aerospace industry, military industry, biotechnological industry, fishing industry, electronics industry, computers industry, forest products related industry, marine related industries, telecommunications industry, transportation industry and trade related industries.

The trend of urbanization in Puget Sound is growing very fast. The Puget Sound Regional Council has analyzed that almost 3.4 million people are lived in the Puget Sounds islands in 2003. By 2020, it is forecasted that it will increase by 1.7 million people. However, after 2020, it is expected that population would grow but the composition of older people would be nearly 17% of the total population increase by 2040!

As we talked about the fauna before, we should complete the term flora and fauna and touch upon the delicacy of flora now! The aquatic vegetation in Puget Sound includes Kelp and Eelgrass only, so it can be seen that Puget Sound isnt very rich when it comes to vegetation.

There are some endangered species who have suffered due to environmental issues in the Puget Sound but they have not been protected such as the Sea otter, Pallid bat, Oregon Spotted frog, Walleye Pollock, Green Sturgeon, Marsh Shrew, Sea cucumber, Yellow-billed cuckoo and American peregrine falcon. The administrative people are supposed to pay them heed and protect them before they finally wipe away from the face of Puget Sound!

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